Choosing The Right Flowers

The wonderful thing about planning a flowerbed is there is endless possibilities. There are hundreds of shapes, textures, colors and sizes of flowers to choose from. It can be overwhelming to set foot in a garden center with the intent of purchasing flowers for a flowerbed if you do not have a plan. Planning a […]

Heritage or Heirloom Vegetables for a Delicious Garden

Surely you’ve heard the saying “What is old is new again.” In today’s society that seems to be a way of life. We are seeing remakes of old movies, fashions from our youth are fashionable once more and even our favorite childhood toys and games are being resurrected for the younger set of today. Even […]

Knowing When To Plant

Knowing when to plant isn’t always easy and it varies by where you live and what kind of weather you have. Like so many other things, there is a lot of information available about when to plant and some of it conflicts. Let’s look at a few of the ways to determine the best time […]