Choosing The Right Flowers for Your Backyard Garden

The wonderful thing about planning a flowerbed is there is endless possibilities. There are hundreds of shapes, textures, colors and sizes of flowers to choose from. It can be overwhelming to set foot in a garden center with the intent of purchasing flowers for a flowerbed if you do not have a plan. Planning a flowerbed can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.

The first step in choosing the right flowers for your flowerbed is very simple. Watch your chosen flowerbed area for a day and note if it gets sun most of the day, part of the day, hardly any part of the day or not at all. Once you know how much sun it gets, you will be able to pick plants with the proper light requirements.

You will need to decide you if you want annual plants (must be planted every year) or perennial plants (come up every year) or a combination of both. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of plants. Annuals must be bought and planted every single year. However, there are such an array plants that you can easily make your flowerbed look very different from year to year.

Perennials make your flowerbed almost hassle free. You plants will come up every year and you only have to buy the plant once. Your flowerbed will be tried and true every year. You can bring the best of both worlds together when you plant a perennial bed and add some annuals to it every year. This allows you to have the ease of perennials with the pop of annuals with only a little more work and cost involved.

Lastly, you will need to consider size, shape, color, and texture. Do you have a large or small area? Choose plants that will fit the size of your flowerbed. You don’t want one plant to take over a small area nor do you want a large area to dwarf the plants you have chosen. You will want to chose plants of varying sizes, shapes and textures to make the flowerbed interesting even if nothing is in bloom.

You can place tall plants in the back and low, creeping plants in the front. Now as for color, that is entirely up to you. Choose a theme if you want like red, white, and blue, or yellow and purple. Perhaps you would rather have a patchwork or rainbow of color. Go ahead and be creative! Make your backyard garden flowerbed as personal as you want.

(Don’t forget to think about what your bees will like and where their natural path to the flower bed will run!)

Remember that when choosing your plants to be attentive to every aspect of the plant, shape, size, color, texture and light and water requirements. This will ensure that, once planted, you and your plants will be happy and your flowerbed will be the talk of the neighborhood.