Love & Support for Wild Hill Honey in Iowa

You may have seen the news that Wild Hill Honey in Iowa was severely vandalized, their equipment was destroyed and their hives were smashed. There were approximately 500,000 bees killed in the vandalism incident. The vandals stole the security camera, but the police did find some fingerprints and they are investigating the incident. (Police made arrest of two boys in the vandalism incident.)

Not only did they lose their beloved bees, that is their business, their livelihood, and someone smashed it all to bits one night. As Justin mentions in the news interview, you can’t insure beehives, so there is no insurance money to help them rebuild things.

Fortunately, the beekeeping community is filled with big hearts and a supportive friends, even if many of us only know each other through the internet. A GoFundMe campaign was started and raised $30,000 in just the first day! (Hey beekeepers, you rock, you are freaking amazing!)

The goal of the GoFundMe campaign was met and then some, combining that with the equipment they were able to salvage, they posted an update saying that they will be able to continue their business in the Spring and have asked the community to send their donations to the next person in need now.

Take a moment today to stop by Wild Hill Honey’s Facebook page, give them a like, say hello and wish them well.