Midwest Air Tech Mesh Garden Fence Keeps Bunnies Out of My Lettuce!

Midwest Air Tech Mesh Garden FenceWhen you have a lot of small critters in your yard that would love to make lunch out of anything in your garden, you need a fence. This is currently the case at my house. That is why we love this easy to use mesh garden fence!

We started using it several years ago when our chickens were making a meal out of our tomatoes. The kids actually put up the fence around the whole garden. It is so light weight and simple to handle that the kids easily maneuvered it into place.

The Mesh Garden Fence is green so that it really blends in with the garden greenery, it doesn’t stand out or look out of place. The small size of the squares prevents most garden munching pests from getting though.

It is a cinch to cut to the proper length with a pair of sturdy scissors or wire cutters. And the 40” height prevents most animals from jumping over the fence.

The only drawback is that it only lasts about 2 years so it is not a permanent solution. However, for the reasonable price it is an excellent temporary solution to keeping critters out of our garden.

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