Noodlehead Flexible Garden Sprinkler

Noodlehead Flexible Garden Sprinkler One of the most tedious tasks of having a garden is watering it especially when you have a big one.

We have tried a lot of different sprinklers in the past to make watering easier. However, we have always found that there are parts of the garden that the sprinklers don’t get for one reason or another and I don’t like to waste water when I’m watering with the hose. (I prefer to use our rain barrels as much as possible for garden watering.)

And then we discovered the Noodlehead Sprinkler. We can now water the garden and reach every plant and every row easily. The Noodlehead allows you to bend each of the flexible nozzles in the direction that you want. We can aim the water exactly where we want it now. This is a great feature when you need to avoid some plants while watering others or when you need to water just a small strip or odd shaped patch.

We have not yet tested the effectiveness of sprinkling our kids…errr…I mean we have not yet had the kids try this sprinkler out on a hot day. I am sure that the bendable nozzles will make for a lot of fun for kids.